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Shadows in the dark

Means there must be light...

27 April 1988
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Maria. 26. Professional translator (English/Danish/French, mother language Dutch). Currently working as a project manager / translator / revisor. Bisexual and polyamorous. Married to the love of my life, Jenny. Meta-addict; The only thing I love more than watching TV series is talking about them. Book addict - Book reviews will be posted at solaceinaworld. Sometime (not often enough as I’d like) writer of fanfic.

Blanket Permission Statement: Feel free to transform any of my works in any way you want. Podfic it, make art for it, remix or translate one of my works... I'm sure I've forgotten all kinds of things you could do with it, but don't be shy! I'd love it if you could let me know what you've done with it, but that's not a requirement.
I only ask to please credit my work, and please don't archive the original work anywhere without my permission.

Agents of SHIELD Skye   Skye/Coulson
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Giles, Willow, Faith   Buffy/Giles, Willow/Tara
Castle Castle, Alexis   Castle/Beckett
Criminal Minds JJ, Garcia, Rossi, Kate   Rossi/Seaver
Dance Academy Abigail, Tara   Tara/Abigail, Christian/Zach
Finding Carter Carter, Taylor, Grant   Taylor/Max
Firefly Kaylee, Inara   Mal/Kaylee, Kaylee/Inara
The Fosters Callie, Jude, Stef   Callie/Wyatt
Gilmore Girls Rory, Lorelai, Paris   Rory/Logan
Harry Potter (books, not movies) Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin   Hermione/Snape
Nashville Scarlett, Juliette   Juliette/Avery
Scorpion Paige, Toby, Sylvester   No active ships
Switched at Birth Daphne, Bay, Regina, Emmett   Bay/Emmett, Bay/Daphne

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