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04 September 2016 @ 03:07 pm
Dear [community profile] femslashex writer,

I'm really excited to celebrate these pairings with you!

I’m pretty easy to write for; I read a lot of fanfic in a lot of different genres, and am up for almost anything. I love dark, deep fics (I’m okay with character death as well), but I can also really enjoy a happy fluffy one.
The ideas below are just a couple of things that I like about the fandoms; feel free to write something completely different than what I’m asking for!

A couple of my favourite things in fics are: soulmate AUs, fake dating, rain setting, non-chronological writing, letters.
I do have a couple of do not wants: graphic self-harm, zombies, genderswaps, character bashing, mpreg, and cunnilungus.

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Oh, LJ and DW, I love you both. Thank you for keeping my social life, well, alive. Feel free to comment on either site.
19 July 2016 @ 07:39 am
Dear Rachel Bloom,

My name is Maria. I’m a 27 year old woman living in Belgium. I’m bisexual, polyamorous and happily married to my high school sweetheart. I work from home as a project manager for a translation company and once upon a time seriously considered a career as an accountant.

I am nothing like Rebecca Bunch.

Yet when I was 18 years old, I fled an unhappy life and moved to a city in a foreign country where they spoke a language I barely knew because I had fallen in love. Granted, I’d fallen in love with a city not a guy (and brought my girlfriend with me), but love is love and I was convinced it would make me happy. I quite often make no sense. I struggle with borderline personality disorder, and a lot of Rebecca’s struggles are mine.

In all the ways that count, I am exactly like Rebecca Bunch.

One of my favourite moments of the series so far was when Heather told her classroom: “I don’t wanna label her. I just wanna be her friend.” This was quite the eye opener for me. When people get to know Rebecca, they don’t want to run the other way, they want to get closer. People care about Rebecca!
And more importantly – I care about Rebecca. To the point that during some episodes I can hardly breathe because I want things to go well for her. I desperately want her to be happy. When her entire life fell apart and her inner refrain of “You stupid bitch” sounded, I just wanted to hold her and tell her everything would be okay.

Slowly, episode by episode, I started to realise that if I’m Rebecca, which is something I feel quite strongly about, and I care about Rebecca… The logical conclusion would be to start caring about myself, and want the same things for me – happiness, love, acceptance – that I so desperately want for her.

And so a show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend taught me how to love myself. I’m not there yet – but every time I rewatch a scene, or listen to one of the songs, or recognize something in my life that reminds me of Rebecca, I’m reminded of it.

Your show is quite literally changing my life.

Thank you.
07 May 2016 @ 07:10 pm
Title: Wolfram & Hart
Author: Mierke
Fandom & Disclaimer: Buffy’s not mine, it’s Joss Whedon’s. Neither is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is mostly Rachel Bloom's. I’m just borrowing their worlds and very thankful for the chance.
Pairing/Characters: Angel, Rebecca
Prompt: Rebecca Bunch goes into a bar and meets... Angel (Buffy)!
Words: 863
Rating: G
Warnings: No warnings needed.
Spoilers/Timeline: For Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this is set at the beginning of the series, in an alternate way in which Rebecca could have handled the moving to west Covina thing. For Buffy, this is just after Angel moved to Los Angeles (though I'm pretending the two situations are happening at the same time).
Summary: Rebecca needs a job; Wolfram & Hart just might be hiring.

Wolfram & HartCollapse )

Oh, LJ and DW, I love you both. Thank you for keeping my social life, well, alive. Feel free to comment on either site.